Transforming Tech Habits: Creating a World that Reflects the Heart

A Presentation for Schools & Parents

A presentation to explore what we can do to prepare ourselves and our children to thrive in the digitally-focused world, without sacrificing imagination, creativity, deep-thinking, presence, and our relationships.

As we cope with the unprecedented convergence of ubiquitous, sophisticated, alluring, habit-forming screen technology, taking time to reflect on the quality of our daily experience can lead to new ways of being, where we are masters of our tech, instead of its servants. We will explore ways to form healthy tech habits for you and your children.

Runtime: 49 minutes.


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I appreciate how honest, practical and non-judgemental your talk and approach are on this important and unavoidable topic.

– Fawn (Art of Teaching, Sebastopol)

I originally came tonight for my son, but after listening to you, realized I came for myself. I've let my own habits slide and look forward to trying your recommendations.

– Diane (Haleakala Waldorf, Maui)

Really thorough, thanks! This prompted me to re-examine my own relationship to technology and family culture forming.

– Joanna (Antioch University)

Thank you! Very inspiring and I got a real chill realizing my role and the strength and awe of it.

– Shelly (Sacramento Waldorf)

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About Ben

Ben Klocek, web designer, teacher, and Sacramento Waldorf School alumni, has worked in tech for over 20 years and has been studying how our use of screen technology affects our lives. He teaches technology and woodworking in a Public Waldorf charter school.

He is the father of two girls, ages 11 and 14, and is an avid naturalist, artist, and gardener.

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Email: [email protected]


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