Tots, Tweens, Teens, and Screens

A Presentation and Discussion for Schools & Parents

From Consumption to Creation

With so much information available, we spend our time consuming it, rather than understanding and applying it. Here’s what I did to reverse that trend.

A Walk

It’s not just the movement or the fresh air. There’s something deep that gets satisfied. After sitting at a desk all day, with my mind deep in the far corners of the web, a walk puts me right into the world of physical things. The infinite subtleties of light, texture, and smell are a relief.

Presentation: Digital Distraction – Optimizing Human-ness

In a time when we are constantly connected yet isolated, searching for meaning yet distracted from our task, it becomes increasingly important to consciously cultivate an awareness of how our use of technology is affecting us.


About Ben

I'm a web designer, lover of nature, gardener, and artist. I've been working on computers for over 16 years a and studying how our use of screen technology affects our lives. I am the proud father of two daughters, Lucia age 7 and Sofia aged 9.