Healthy life processes move

There I sit, still, in front of a computer focusing hard on the screen. My mind is darting through my internal map of the virtual world, pulling thoughts and images together for work. I’m am digitally efficient, but in seeking mental efficiency I have made my physical body stiff. Over time, my health declines and stiffness overtakes my movement.

Feeling ancient, I realize that it’s not about of efficiency, it’s about movement. It’s a matter of removing blocks to allow for flow.

A block might be physical like an old injury. It might be mental like a negative thought pattern. It might be emotional like old anger. If you clear that then the flow can happen, things will move, clarity will happen. Stuff still arises and there is oppositions, but it moves along, it doesn’t get stuck and fester and get blocked.

In the flow there can be meanderings and slowing down or rapids and waterfalls, but the flow always moves.

Efficiency can be attained by elevating your view from time to time, but mostly focusing on flow, removing blocks.

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