Presentation FAQ and Support

Thanks for your interest in these presentations. I know it feels weird to learn about managing screen time from a video, but I wanted to make these more widely available, so it is what it is.

For institutions, I suggest using your recording in one of 3 ways:

  1. Hosting a screening for your whole community,
  2. Sharing the link with your staff and faculty to screen with their group/class, or
  3. Sending it out in your newsletter.

Hosting a Community Screening

This works great when you want to shift the culture in your community. It allows for more people to participate at the same time, increasing dialog across the community. Each presentation comes with a set of handouts and a simple checklist for running a successful event. Included are printable flyers you can add a date and time to for posting around your community, as well as a graphic you can include in an email.

Screening for a Smaller Gathering (Teacher/Parent Meeting, Homeschool Group)

This works great if a particular group is having trouble with finding common ground when it comes to devices use. The presentation and handouts can act as a catalyst for discussion and give shared language for discussing what’s important. Teachers: This can be very effective for reaching all families in your class, as parent evenings tend to be well attended compared to school-wide events.

Sending in a Newsletter

This can be helpful when it’s hard for your group to gather together, or you haven’t had success with attendance for in person events on this subject. Discussions about screen time make some people feel embarrassed, and this provides a safe way for you to share this important information and hopefully reach more members of your community. You can share your private link in the newsletter, so long as your newsletter is not posted publicly. (That keeps my full videos from being found by search engines.)

What does my purchase allow?


You may watch it in private as many times as you like. Please don’t share the link.


For up to one year from your purchase date, you may present the video at a public event, in an in person meeting, or during a virtual meeting. You may include your private link in your school newsletter, but not post it on your public website.

If you would like a different arrangement, please contact support below.

Can I share the link from my receipt?


Only with your immediate family. I’ve spent many years working on this material, and payment helps me continue to provide new subjects and alternate offerings.

You are welcome to share the link to the trailer.


You may include your private link in your school/organization newsletter, but not post it on your public website.

How long is my license for?


It is a forever license.


Good for one year from the purchase date.

The video is not displaying

Please make sure to use the link in your receipt email, which includes the Purchase Order number at the end of it.
Example “…/?po=##”

Where can I get help?

Please use the contact form below if you need any help with your order or video.

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