Waldorf Woodworking Resources

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"What we call our experience is almost entirely determined by our habits of attention." - William James

Our goal in transforming our unconscious tech habits is to regain perspective about what is important in our lives that we wish to pay attention to. Establishing clear values for our families makes that easier. Read the resources below for studies to support your choices, strategies and tactics to bring your life back in alignment, and stories of transformation for inspiration to stick the course.

Recommended Books

Crafting - Transforming Materials and the Maker

Educating the WIll

Maker Camp


Recommended Articles & Videos

Types of Woodworking

  • Green woodworking - Working with wood that is still wet.
  • Seasoned woodworking - Working with wood that has been dried.


  • Gouges for green woodworking - Green woodworker David Fisher puts together a collection of his favorite gouges, suggesting which sizes are most useful and explaining what each is best used for.
  • Draw Knife
  • Mallet
  • Sandpaper cutter
  • Shave Horse