Presentation: Digital Distraction – Optimizing Human-ness

In a time when we are constantly connected yet isolated, searching for meaning yet distracted from our task, it becomes increasingly important to consciously cultivate an awareness of how our use of technology is affecting us.

Expectations of speed, availability, and increased output are impacting our ability to truly innovate. As our expectations require us to act increasingly machine-like (analytical, logical, information-centered), our abilities to empathize, play, understand nuance, create beauty, and synthesize the big picture are at risk of being lost.

We’ll explore ways of remaining conscious to this effect, and liberating ourselves from the poor inner habits our devices encourage.





[Originally published on, my business website.]


  1. Karin E. Swann on March 16, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Hello Ben,
    I’m a friend of your brother, Stefan, and was at the presentation you gave at BRWS the other night. Thank you! What a gift to the school to have you demystify this challenging territory with some very practical tools and common sense. I really appreciate the dogged, warrior-ship in your inquiry into tech habits, your own and others. And that Lyndon Johnson quote, wow, I can’t believe I never heard that before – beautiful. Our family recently transferred our children from BRWS to a non-Waldorf private school that does not have the same restricted media policies. The school is tackling the tech issue, though, as with us all, there’s a lot to tackle! I wanted to ask you last night if you present at non-Waldorf schools. Many thanks again. Karin

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